Katy Perry is the new face of food delivery giant Just Eat

Just Eat popularized the slogan “Did somebody say” in an advertising campaign in 2020 which featured the famous artist Snoop Dogg. It is now Katy Perry’s turn to be the new face of the brand. The latest advertising campaign has been released for the food delivery giant.

The commercial advert is full of fantasy, color and food very much in the style of Katy Perry. It is well inspired from her famous hamburger look at the 2019 Met Gala after party.
Viewers are given a tour of a fantastical world, complete with elaborate outfits and piano playing puppets. The pop star sings a whole new song about food with choice lines as ‘Mocha-whip triple shot, it means a latte to me’. She also sings out of the famous tagline ‘Did somebody say Just Eat?’ jingle. The brand wants its campaign to follow the communicative line it created.

Katy Perry, commented: “Working on the brand has been a really fun and natural experience. Ordering food for me is a regular thing on a Saturday night, so it’s been fun to channel that into a video that’s a combination of things I love: bright pop colors, wild outfits and puns about food, sung over a catchy tune.”

You can check out the advert right below: