Charlie Winston and Bob Sinclar at Serre Chevalier Trophy for two exceptional shows

The 9th edition of Serre-Chevalier Trophy allied skiing and music. With its traditional ski championship, it also hosted a nocturne parallel slalom. For a second year of collaboration, My Love Affair planned two exceptional shows on the pistes. My Love Affair took care of the artist booking and artist management, the PR campaign and the social media endorsement.

Charlie Winston, British singer and famously known for his single ‘Like a Hobo’ started this new edition of Serre-Chevalier Trophy, 10 years after the success of his first album. He released in 2018 his fifth album Square, which follows the pop folk tracks that built the artist’s success.

Following the championship on Saturday 30th of March, Bob Sinclar offered an exceptional DJ Set. The French music producer, DJ and remixer, behind several number one hits, featured with the most renown international singers. His single ‘I Believe’ is peaking on radio charts since its released in June 2018.