Grimes recently became the new face of the Adidas and Stella McCartney collaboration. It is not the first time she partners up with the British designer: back in 2016, she endorsed Stella McCartney’s POP perfume.

Now, Grimes is with back a collaboration centered around sustainability with eco-friendly fabrics.

Although, the campaign got as eerie and bizarre as it could get with Grimes: in an Instagram post, she shares her supposedly regular routine. She indeed reportedly – among other things – spends 2 to 4 hours in a deprivation tank to “astro-glide” to other dimensions, do screaming sesh and removed the top film of her eyeball. If you would like to try her work out routine, she fortunately explains it all on her Instagram

This troll – or Elon Musk-y routine – sure had a positive effect on the campaign as it reached up to 130,000 likes in just a day. McCartney also wrote “Grimes is the perfect embodiment of the Adidas by Stella McCartney core values”.