The Spice Girls are back ou tour and on telly with Walkers

22 years after their first collaboration, the Spice Girls endorsed the crips brand Walkers.  The girls band (minus Victoria) are working with the company alongside their UK reunion Tour.

The ad is indeed a way to elect their Best Fan Ever and offer one’s a chance to meet the girls on tour.

In July 1997, the Spice Girls first partnered with Walkers to launch their “Cheese & Chives” flavour. As part of the deal, each Spice Girl featured on packets individually and as a group.

In 2002, Victoria Beckham took part in a solo ad for Walkers, after the band had gone on hiatus.

They also starred in two television adverts alongside Gary Lineker. During this time, Walkers reported a six percent increase in their brand’s volume share of the crisp market within the first eight weeks of the Spice campaign.

Over the years, official Spice Girls branding has appeared on hundreds of products. With partnerships with the likes of Pepsico, BT, Asda and Hasbro, they are the most merchandised group in music history.