After working with Calvin Klein since 2021, BlackPink’s Jennie has teamed up with the American sportswear brand to create her first limited edition capsule collection, which was launched in May 2023.

The capsule collection features simple yet elevated wardrobe essentials that can be mixed and matched throughout spring and beyond. It includes classic comfort and casual chic styles such as sweats and matching sweatshirts, bodysuits and tanks, denim, and the brand’s iconic underwear. The line comes in a muted color palette curated by Jennie herself, featuring black and white, khaki, lilac, and sea glass garden. The fit, color palette, and details reflect Jennie’s personal touch on the pieces. Moreover, she states: “my aspiration for this collection is that everyone will feel as happy and confident in these pieces as I do.” In fact, the collection showcases a more stripped-back and simple style compared to BlackPink’s usual maximalist on-stage look.

Jennie asserts that collaborating with Calvin Klein on this capsule collection has been an exciting progression in their partnership. The collection reflects her everyday style and is based on many of the Calvin Klein essentials that have become staples in her wardrobe. Moreover, Jonathan Bottomley, global chief marketing officer at Calvin Klein, also commented that their partnership stems from an authentic place, with Jennie being a longtime fan of the brand, this collaboration deepens that relationship by incorporating her personal perspective into their products.

The collection includes a total of 17 pieces with prices ranging from $25 to $150. Each piece in the new range comes with a special tag that includes the Calvin Klein logo reimagined in Jennie’s handwriting, adding an authentic personalized detail to the design.

Take a look at the capsule here: