My Love Affair Agency associates Steve Aoki and Richard Orlinski for their very own limited edition 12on12 vinyl entitled “Year Zero”

For their very own limited edition 12on12 vinyl titled “Year Zero,” My Love Affair Agency brings together Steve Aoki and Richard Orlinski. This 12on12 co-creation with the two artists was presented at an exclusive launch event held at Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées Paris on April 28th. With live music, artwork, and a discussion panel with the artists, the event appeared as an immersive experience that combined culture and creativity.

Steve Aoki x Richard Orlinski at the event 


The album portrays a genuine passion for punk from the late 1980s to the early 2000s, taking audiences on a special journey via the songs that tell the unexpected tale of punk music’s influence on Steve Aoki’s spectacular climb to popularity. He declares: “My 12on12 celebrates the music that made me who I am today. Through hardcore, I discovered a true sense of community and the power of DIY – doing it yourself, by any means necessary.”

Moreover, on that occasion, unique artwork and an original character called “Punk Kong” have been created by Richard Orlinski. With a selection of limited-edition fashion and lifestyle items created to luxury standards and reflecting the artists’ common sentiments, 12on12 aims at bringing Punk Kong to life.

“I’ve always said that art has no boundaries. Music and especially vinyl, is very important in my life, I’m a DJ myself, so it’s something that is very close to my heart. Working with an artist like Steve Aoki with such a special universe has been an honour, and mixing our two worlds between music and art to create this artwork with 12on12 is unique.”, Richard Orlinski stated about the collaboration.

“Year Zero”


The vinyl release is complemented by 40 hand-finished and numbered vinyls, 12 hand-signed prints, and fashion items that accentuate this unique piece of art.

This initiative is the latest in the 12on12 series, which brings together music and art through collectible records with distinctive visual content.

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