My Love Affair unites Smiley and David Guetta for the brand’s new global campaign “Take the Time to Smile”

To celebrate 50 Years of Smiley, My Love Affair Agency has associated the world’s favourite and iconic face of optimism to the French dance music powerhouse David Guetta to produce a music video with a soundtrack that radiates love, hope, and happiness throughout the world.

David Guetta released his remake of the 2000s classic “Silver Screen (Shower Scene)” as part of his ambition to modernise more timeless masterpieces. He gave new life to the 2001 release, which was originally by Felix Da Housecat and Kittin, and brought waves of nostalgia to the hearts of original fans. Now, in a unique partnership with Smiley, David Guetta releases the official music video for the remake.

The ‘Silver Screen (Shower Scene)’ music video, which was made by David Guetta and Smiley, portrays a universal tale. Throughout the video, posters with the Smiley tagline “Take the time to smile!” from their most recent campaign can be seen in cities including New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, London, and more. In addition, eccentric characters are shown with exaggerated smiles as the message spreads. The video not only demonstrates how widely acknowledged Smiley’s ethos is, but it also emphasises the brand’s significant contribution to the early electronic dance and rave scene, something that should definitely be highlighted in a music video for a remake of such a classic early 2000s rave track. Swedish-French graffiti artist maestro André Saraiva, who also designed Smiley’s street art manifesto campaign, as well as well-known Instagram user Seth, also known as dudewithsign, and even David Guetta himself, who is revealed to be one of the main characters in the entire video, all make cameo appearances in the music video.

You can check out the music video following this link: 



Finally, David Guetta states; “The Smiley is an iconic symbol for spreading positivity, so when I was asked to be involved with 50th year celebrations for ‘Take the Time to Smile’, I gladly accepted. The Smiley message is about happiness and bringing people together, and that’s always been my way of thinking and the message I have tried to share in my music.

The video for my ‘Silver Screen’ rework with Felix Da Housecat and KITTIN’ captures this perfectly. The upbeat track combined with artwork from graffiti-maestro André Saraiva and appearances from Dude with a sign results in a video that I hope will make people smile.”

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