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Ella Eyre

With a double platinum number one single under her belt, a BRIT Award, two MOBO Awards, two further platinum selling singles and a top 5 album, perhaps you’d expect Ella Eyre to rest on her laurels. You couldn’t be more wrong. The four years since her debut album, Feline, have taken Ella around the world on a mission to find herself both as a solo artist and as a person. In the wake of her father’s sudden passing in 2017 she experimented with sounds in the US, found healing and limitless inspiration in her fatherland, Jamaica, and returned to London full of confidence and a hard drive bursting with hits.

As she’s grown and matured as an artist, so too have her ambitions. Hits are great but she’s now more interested in a long, stable career than she is about hitting the number one spot. “It’s not about ‘Oh did you get into the top ten?’ anymore,” she says. “That was very much my mentality on the first album. Actually, longevity is what success means to me now -having the ability to do what I do for a really long time.” Already an industry veteran and a much-loved star, her future in the pop pantheon seems secure. What she wants to do, more than anything else, is perform these new tracks for her dedicated Eyre-heads. “I really, really have missed that,” she sighs. “I can’t wait, especially now I love the music so much -there’s definitely a lot more fun in these tracks. It makes me smile when I listen to the music. And that’s how I know I’ve got it right.”