Marc Cerrone was one of the most influential disco producers in Europe during the 1970s and early ’80s, eclipsed only by Giorgio Moroder. Born in Paris in 1952, he studied music as a child and won his first post as the orchestra leader at a Parisian club at the age of 18. After additional work with the French producer Barclay during the early ’70s, he released his first solo album, Love in C-Minor, in 1976.

The title track proved a massive European hit and worked its way into the American Top 40 as well. Although he only placed one more single in the U.S., Cerrone stayed popular on his native continent over the course of a career spanning a dozen albums.

He did, however, see a spike in his global popularity and recognition in the post-internet era, due in part to documentaries that helped define his contribution to disco.

Cerrone is back in 2019 with “The Impact”, a progressive house track, marking a return to his dance music roots, setting the tone for the album. This single refers to humanity’s effect on the environment and has a stark climate change-awareness message. Cerrone sampled a speech from the renowned ethnologist Jane Goodall.