MOSIMANN is the complete package: a dj-producer, singer, songwriter, The Voice TV-host and Double Gold–certified artist based between Paris and Zurich. A self-taught musician, he grew up looking up to the likes of Jean-Michel Jarre, Daft Punk or Laurent Garnier, pioneers who helped him shape his own sound and identity.

Popular he is. He’s always taken great pride in bringing his passion for electronic music from the underground to the masses. Steadily climbing his way to the top over the past 10 years, he became a regular fixture from worldwide DJ Mag Top 100 (#81 this year) and joined the ranks of the top 10 French DJ’s (4th best French DJ this year), growing a dedicated fanbase of 700,000+ on social platforms.

His leitmotiv ‘Change your Mind’ is a testament to his unwavering dedication to redefine deejaying: on stage, on top of a 8-meters high metal structure and moved by a boundless energy, he confidently delivers his set behind his turntables, drums, microphone and keyboards. He’s as able to propose club tracks for memorable live DJ sets, as able to produce mainstream songs for live concert/media special sets, both styles signed by an electronic groove he’ll never let go.

Basically, Mosimann is a real DJ-performer using his creative musician skills with perfection to appear today like an entertainment pioneer in the dance music industry.